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About Harbour ISP

Harbour ISP's mission is to deliver a super-fast, reliable Internet that Australia deserves!

Because happiness means unlimited super-fast broadband, we eat, sleep and breathe Internet! Our mission is to be the best broadband provider and give every Australian the Internet speeds they deserve! Harbour ISP has made smart, super-fast broadband that meets your needs at an affordable price. Harbour ISP lives to get you connected and make sure you stay connected with our world-class broadband and customer service.
As a company we love having fun, but we are serious when it comes to giving you the fastest Internet in the country. We believe everyone should have access to the Internet, no matter what their location or income. From our engineers and installers, to our admin and call centre staff and our developers , our team is made up of dedicated professionals who love going above and beyond to make sure you stay connected. We love delivering amazing super-fast broadband at great prices to our happy customers. Connect with Harbour ISP today!

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Our aim is to help everyday Australians reach their full potential with the high-speed, reliable Internet people deserve!


Unlimited data available for Internet plans. Use your data when you want and how you want, no peak or off-peak periods apply.



Add-on a home phone plan to your Harbour ISP internet, all on one account.


Our flexible contracts allow you to connect on a month-to-month, 12 or 24 month term.


Our customer service team is Australian based and here to answer all your questions.

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